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/ RepHeads News / Part II: An Open Letter From A Photographers Agent

Part II: An Open Letter From A Photographers Agent

Recently I received an email from photographer Scott Teitler that struck home and was so significant I felt compelled to share it with each of you.

This particular letter was directed towards photographers, however I think it’s extremely relative to all the creatives we work with throughout this business.  Much like Photography Rep, Heather Elder mentioned, I too feel extremely fortunate to work with such gifted people.  You continue to inspire me and make me love what I do more and each day.

Below is the second of three installments of ‘An Open Letter From A Photographers Agent’ I hope you find it as honest and inspiring as I have. If you missed the first part, check it out here.

 You need to shoot new, relevant, good work often.  Again, you need to shoot new, relevant, good work often.  I wish it were different and you could just shoot a few really compelling, award winning, images a year and everyone would remember you and choose you first for all of their projects.  But that isn’t the case.  Competition is enormous and if you aren’t shooting the new work, someone else is shooting it.  We need that new work to cheerlead for you, update websites, create email blasts, update portfolios, write blog posts, post to Facebook, send to clients on your wish list and plain old brag about you.  Without it, our “to do list” for you is very short.

•  Finding your own marketing voice is crucial.  Creatives, art buyers and clients enjoy hearing from us but they need to hear from you as well.  And in today’s market, the paths in which to take to share your voice are abundant.  To name a few, go on appointments after a shoot, travel with your agent, write a blog, share personal photos on Tumblr and Instagram, post on Facebook, attend industry events and network.  If you are not shooting new work, the single most important thing you do is make connections.

 •  Be connected to your work.  Connect us to your work.  Share things with us.  Update us on what you are working on and tell us when something good happens in your career.  Let us see the work you are creating, even if you aren’t in love with it.  You never know what suggestion we may have.  If we don’t know what you are working on , we cannot offer guidance.

• Know that we understand that when money is tight it is very hard to spend it on marketing and promotions.  However, we also know that you need to spend money to make money and just as with any other profession, you need to update your toolbox and advertise your service.  Pushing pause on your marketing is not always the best way to save money.  Something to consider in this situation is re-evaluating your finances, revising your marketing plan to adjust to your financial situation and readjusting your expectations.

Check in next week for the final installment!

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